Welcome to Able Radio

Able Radio was founded in 2006 by a group of volunteers passionate about improving the everyday lives of disabled people. The enterprise grew rapidly through demand and now plays a pivotal role within the community. Beyond on-air broadcasts, Able Radio engages with numerous organisations and individuals across the UK via training, outside broadcasts and remote satellite centres. Funding from The Big Lottery has assisted in this rapid development with the introduction of a small professional management team to drive operations and future expansion. Underpinning all activities are a team of dedicated volunteers, most living with a disability themselves.

Pain Podcast

Through listener interaction the station is now less about specific medical conditions and more about acceptance and moving forward in all areas of life. As a community of interest radio station we highlight events, achievements, accessibility and opportunity. Essentially we seek to entertain and inform, with a diverse music policy and talented team of on-air talent. Although our studio base is in S E Wales, some of our input comes via remote presenters across the UK. There are opportunities for all to get involved both on and off-air.